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Melissa "Missy" Sorrells, M.S.

Certified Astrologer

Hello! I am a soul-based astrologer living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  I have studied astrology for 20+ years, but my primary teacher is the renowned astrologer, Debra Silverman.  Since 1998, Astrology has been my constant companion and a huge part of my own personal evolution.   It has helped me understand myself at an incredibly deep level and has given me a greater sense of self-compassion and self-love.   Astrology  has also helped me find a deeper purpose in life and has allowed me to see others through a "soul-based" lens of Oneness.

If you feel drawn to take a "deep dive" into your natal chart with me, it is my greatest hope that, you too, will discover the amazing insights that astrology has to offer.  I would consider it a great honor to help you uncover the beautiful soul that is YOU.....who you truly are underneath all the layers that life has piled on top of you.  Come journey with me and find out what makes you uniquely YOU.  It is no mistake that you are here on this Earth  at this time.  Come discover the gifts that you were meant to share with this world.   Finally release what is holding you back from fully manifesting the BEST VERSION OF YOU and realizing your greatest potential!

Areas covered include:
Blazing Eye
Heart Lock and Crown

Psychological or Personality Analysis






Relationships and


Guidance for Future Goals and Desires






Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Sessions may be done face-to-face (if you live nearby) or by video-conferencing.

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